Floyd County

Three rezoning requests related to housing will be put to a vote by the Floyd County Commission at the end of the month.

On Chateau Drive, Jack Pearson is planning to build a collection of townhomes near the Guest House and Eastland Court apartments. There will be 10 townhomes on each parcel, creating a total of 20 townhomes.

He hopes to rezone the parcels, which are about 8½ acres combined, from Suburban Residential to Multi-Family Residential.

During a public comment section at Thursday’s Planning Commission meeting, adjacent property owner Justin Chambers voiced concern for the project. While he doesn’t oppose it, but worries about what would happen to the parcels if Pearson lets someone else take it over.

The applicant clarified that he will be overseeing the development and wants to help invest in the community. He also said he will respect the nearby property owners and make sure to take care of any issues.

Planning commission members chose to back the application, citing a need for housing in the area.

Commission members also OK’d a rezoning request on a 31.25-acre lot on Eden Valley Road from Suburban Residential to High Density Traditional Residential to allow for smaller setbacks in a planned subdivision.

Under the current plans, the parcel is split into 68 lots. According to Bernie Smith, who represented the property owner at the meeting, the houses would be about 1,300 square feet on the smallest lots.

“It’s a very challenging site to put something on because it’s so small,” Smith said. “We have all the infrastructure in, except for the streets.”

He said they wouldn’t change the width or the depth of the lots, only limit the setbacks to about 5 feet on each side.

Toward the end of the meeting, commission members denied recommendation for mixed-use zoning at 3478 Martha Berry Highway, near the Food Lion.

Josh Jenkins plans to use the property, which consists of model homes for a home builder and a few other buildings, for commercial and residential use.

However, Planning Commission members said they did not know how the owner wants to use the property and to what extent it would serve as a residential property.

The Floyd County Commission will hold public hearings and vote on all three applications at their July 27 meeting at 6 p.m. at the county administration building at 12 E. Fourth Ave.

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