To say that Greater Community Bank has increased its presence in Calhoun would be a serious understatement.

The bank celebrated the grand reopening of its Calhoun branch Saturday — a branch office that now fills what used to be an entire strip shopping center at 305 W. Belmont Drive.

The bank used to occupy an end-cap space in the shopping center but has now completely remodeled the space. It occupies the entire center, which used to be home to Jandy’s Frozen Yogurt, Little Caesar’s Pizza, a movie rental shop and several other stores.

The bank was able to remain in service for customers on a limited basis for the last year. However, bank executives took advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to move forward with a complete renovation of the 11,000 square foot space.

The bank had simply run out of room in its former location at the end of the strip center. Now, there is space galore with multiple conference and Zoom rooms.

“We want to be a true community bank and whatever the needs are we want to provide the resources to the community,” said Donna McEntyre, chief operating officer and Calhoun bank city president. “Technology is what it’s all about, so we’ve put the latest technology in.”

The new bank includes a huge board room and what McEntyre calls a “war room,” where the staff can meet privately to discuss ways to meet customers needs.

“For this office to be able to connect with the Rome office and the Cartersville office, its going to be phenomenal,” she said.

Bank President David Lance said the board room is designed to attract small businesses that might not have such a facility. It will be made available to other businesses in the community who need special meeting space.

The hallways are extra wide, using what Lance called a post-COVID design.

“We’re trying to be high-touch but high-tech at the same time. We believe there is still a need for steel, brick and mortar,” Lance said. “We hope it equates to a lot more new business and we hope it gives our existing customers a good banking experience.”

Greater Community Bank, which celebrated its 25th anniversary in February, was founded as Greater Rome Bank and has two locations in Rome.

It changed the name to Greater Community Bank in April 2014 after opening its Calhoun location. The bank also opened a branch at 32 W. Main St. in Cartersville.

“We’ve had good solid growth over the last 10 years and our communities and customers have been very kind to us,” Lance said.

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