Dennis Ratliff works on oil change

In this file photo, Dennis Ratliff changes oil in a vehicle at Ratliff’s Service Center, 610 Broad St.

Dennis Ratliff has been in the service station business since 1976, but has decided to hang it up. The sale of his building at 601 Broad St. finalized on Friday.

From what he understands, after the purchase Rocky Singh is planning to convert the service station into a full-fledged convenience store.

Ratliff said the proposal was a good one and it was just time to go ahead and get out of the business.

Ratliff, who lives up in the Shannon area, actually started out in 1976 with a station in Adairsville. He moved to Rome in 1983 with a station in the 1100 block of Shorter Avenue.

Four years later he moved to the corner of North Broad Street and Turner McCall Boulevard. After five years at that location, he moved a couple of blocks to the site on Broad Street downtown where he has served the community since 1992.

“I’ve enjoyed it,” Ratliff said.

Ratliff managed to survive the onset of the COVID-19 crisis but the virus did take its toll.

“It cut my business probably 80% the first three weeks,” Ratliff said earlier. “We could have done what we had by 10 a.m. and gone home for the rest of the day, because everything around here was shut down.”

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