Sandra Lindsey is stepping down as director of the Cave Spring Downtown Development Authority effective Friday, Oct. 23. Lindsey has spent the past seven years in that position after a 35-year career in the banking industry.

“It was just time,” Lindsey said. “It had been in the back of my mind for a while to give it up but I just enjoy it so much.”

Her biggest challenge when she took over the Cave Spring DDA post was getting people in the community to accept change.

“I think we accomplished that and people are welcoming change,” Lindsey said. The city has been able to pull off many events that had never been tried before, from biker rallies to bacon and mushroom festivals.

“Now people are so proud of Cave Spring,” Lindsey said. “It’s a great town and we all need to promote it.”

She feels a lot of the events have really helped Cave Spring to prosper economically.

Whoever her successor is will have a blueprint to work from going forward. The Georgia Department of Economic Development Tourism Product Development Team produced a lengthy report for the DDA and city in December 2019 which recommends that Cave Spring lean on the arts as a solution to interpret and promote Cave Spring.

The report also suggests that the city anticipate more interest in growing cultural heritage travelers interested in Native American history. It also encourages the city to continue to develop both overland and water trail amenities.

She isn’t sure at this point what direction the city will take in terms of replacing her.

“They may restructure it, but a lot of what happens with the DDA has state by-laws,” Lindsey said. “They don’t have to do it in a hurry because there hasn’t been a lot going on with everything canceled (by COVID-19).”

Mayor Rob Ware said he has not discussed filling the position with members of the city council yet and is not sure what the city will do going forward.

Lindsey hopes city officials won’t be shy about calling on her when they need a volunteer at a special event in Cave Spring in the future.

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