A dozen employees at The Walker School have received the first round of COVID-19 vaccines, thanks to MetroAtlanta Ambulance Service.

Monday, 12 faculty and staff from the private school ages 65 and older received the first shots. 

“Every time I’ve seen someone I care about get vaccinated, it has really been a more emotional experience than I would have ever guessed and it’s partially because I’m looking at case numbers, hospitalizations and deaths every day and to know that we can provide something here at school that can help save lives is really meaningful," said Christie Holman, Walker's assistant head of school for operations.

The school found out Friday afternoon it would be able to offer the vaccine, and Holman said she appreciated the employees adjusting their schedules with short notice to be at the school Monday morning. 

"I’m very excited and appreciative that we’re able to get it. This is a relief," said Dawn Dunlap, who teaches technology in the Walker Lower School.

Upper School faculty member Steve Killian said it wasn’t a difficult decision to get the vaccine.

“I have been trained in science. I understand the scientific method and it is clear that folks have done due diligence. I understand there’s a slight risk, but anything I can do to limit the vulnerability to myself, my family and my students I’m willing to do it," he said. "I certainly appreciate the school’s diligence in making this possible for us. I’m looking forward to eating out sometime and going to concerts.”

Holman said she looks forward to the time when other faculty and staff are able to receive their vaccines but doesn’t know when that will be.

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