The Fourth of July is just around the corner, but the fireworks industry has already seen a boom in sales through the month of June.

At Phantom Fireworks in Kennesaw, store manager Nathan Estrada said sales of the multi-colored explosives have far exceeded his expectations.

“The amount of fireworks sales have just been unprecedented for the whole company,” Estrada said. We have 80 different locations, and every location has been getting truckloads and truckloads.”

Estrada, who relocated from Florida to manage the Phantom Fireworks location in Kennesaw, said he has two more shipments of fireworks on the way to accommodate demand ahead of Independence Day weekend.

“There’s a lot of spots empty on the shelves right now just because we can’t keep the product in long enough,” Estrada said.

While fireworks are flying off the shelves, local officials are tasked with enforcing noise ordinances and keeping residents safe. Cobb County and the city of Marietta normally ban the use of fireworks after 9 p.m., but that restriction is being lifted for Independence Day weekend. Cobb County residents will be allowed to light fireworks between the hours of 10 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. on Friday, July 3 and Saturday, July 4.

“Not everyone shares the same emotion when the sky lights up and you hear the corresponding explosions of fireworks,” the Marietta Police Department said in a news release. “PLEASE Marietta, remember our local laws regarding this independence holiday tradition… and be kind to your neighbors.”

In Marietta, people may not ignite fireworks indoors, on public roadways, in public parks or other public areas. The city also prohibits people from discharging firearms in the air as a celebration.

The Cobb County Fire Department is rolling out a series of public service announcements about fireworks safety this week. The county will share infographics detailing the dangers of fireworks and most common injuries associated with the explosives.

In an email to the MDJ, the Cobb County Fire Department shared an infographic highlighting common injuries associated with fireworks. According to the graphic, hand or finger injuries account for 28% of fireworks injuries, and eye injuries account for another 19% of injuries. In another infographic, Cobb County Fire encouraged safe alternatives to fireworks, like glow sticks and silly string.

Once the calendar turns to Sunday, July 5, the Cobb County and Marietta curfews on fireworks return to 9 p.m., but the regular blast of fireworks may continue into July. Estrada thinks the lockdowns amid the coronavirus pandemic have stimulated the recent surge in fireworks purchases.

“Sales are just going crazy this year, mostly because all of the shows have been canceled and everyone is starting to get out and try to have a little excitement since the pandemic (started),” Estrada said.

Marietta residents seeking to report a fireworks violation can call the city’s non-emergency line at 770-499-3911.

“We are all in this together Marietta,” the city police said. “Please choose kindness and be considerate of your neighbors.”

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