Here’s a look at Cobb County and state coronavirus numbers reported Wednesday, and how they compare to the day before. All information comes from the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Cobb County’s COVID-19 numbers for Wednesday

Category 8/12 Change
Cases 14,279 +273
Hospitalizations 1,427 +11
Deaths 326 +3

Georgia’s COVID-19 numbers for Wednesday

Category 8/12 Change
Cases 226,153 +3,660
Hospitalizations 21,379 +348
Death s 4,456 +109

Statewide, Georgia’s seven-day average in deaths hit another new record, as officials continue to compile deaths from the COVID-19 spike that began in June, the Associated Press reported Wednesday. Total deaths rose to nearly 4,500 on Wednesday, with 67 deaths a day reported to the state on average in the past week. Some of those deaths occurred in July.

The total number of cases rose past 225,000, as close to 3,500 cases a day continue to be confirmed. The number of COVID-19 patients hospitalized continued to drift downward slowly. But critical care beds remain in short supply, with 87% filled statewide. The number of people on a ventilator Wednesday rose to 1,272, the highest on record since the pandemic began. Not everyone in a critical care bed or on a ventilator is infected with the respiratory illness, according to the AP.

A Cobb-Douglas Public Health report, including data on how the coronavirus is affecting different ZIP codes, genders and ages, is available at

For the Georgia DPH’s full report, visit

National data can be found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website at


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