Protesters gather at Taylor-Brawner Park in Smyrna on Sunday.

The Smyrna City Council on Monday unanimously approved a resolution condemning racism, and saying that its members stand with “all citizens of Smyrna.”

The text also promises transparency and a building of trust from the city’s police department and its officers.

The resolution was posted to the city’s social media, as well as the police department’s and Mayor Derek Norton’s.

Norton said he and the council forwarded the resolution to push its message: “Racism has no place in this city.”

“We just wanted to state that publicly, with all the recent events going on around the country,” the mayor said. “To reaffirm what we already know and how we feel: that we don’t condone racism anywhere that it exists.”

Norton also called the city’s police department “second to none” in its policies, procedures and training to prevent discrimination or racism from officers or within the department.

He also noted that his city saw a quickly organized peaceful protest on Sunday against racism, and said “peaceful events like that are the beginning of a longer, deeper conversation that leads to change.” Norton added that he is committed to continuing those conversations.

The council’s approved resolution reads as follows:

“WHEREAS, The City of Smyrna, its Mayor, City Council, Chief of Police, entire Smyrna Police Department and employees city-wide, are deeply saddened by the tragic events that have recently occurred across the country; and

“WHEREAS, racism and hate have no place in our city and we are committed to working actively against all forms of racism. We are committed to safeguarding our community against the damages that racism causes and to ensuring that the Constitutional rights of every person who lives, works, and visits our great city are protected; and

“WHEREAS, Smyrna citizens gathered peacefully on Sunday, May 31st in opposition to racism in any form, anywhere it exists, reaffirming that people of all races, ethnicities, cultures, and faiths contribute to Smyrna’s strength and well-being; and

“WHEREAS, your Smyrna Police Department is one of the most diverse departments in the state, employing officers that mirror the diversity of our great community; and

“WHEREAS, your Smyrna Police Department has been and will continue to be honest and transparent with internal and external stakeholders and will continue to build on the culture of trust with whom they serve; and

“WHEREAS, the City of Smyrna truly appreciates the overwhelming support we receive daily from this great community, and it is our promise to each of you that we will work diligently every day to exceed your expectations in all aspects of city-wide operations, and particularly those of the Smyrna Police Department; and

“THEREFORE, IT IS RESOLVED that the Mayor and City Council of the City of Smyrna, Georgia stand steadfast with all citizens of Smyrna against racism and reaffirm its commitment to fighting for racial justice and human and civil rights for all.”

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