A new ordinance will make it easier for Smyrna’s private clubs and special events locations to maintain their alcohol pouring licenses.

Passed unanimously by the Smyrna City Council on Nov. 16, the ordinance overturns existing rules that required those facilities to generate at least 50% of their sales from food in order to maintain a pouring license.

After receiving requests to review the law from establishments that could not meet that requirement, the City Council amended it and lowered the fees required to obtain a pouring license for private clubs.

Mayor Derek Norton said the measure was intended in particular to help Smyrna’s American Legion chapter, which had been treated more like a restaurant under the old law.

“This gives them some relief that, quite honestly, probably should have been granted them a long time ago,” Norton said. “I want to do everything I can to help our veterans, and especially right now, during the pandemic, this was a good thing to do for veterans in our community.”

The new regulations will take effect on Dec. 1.

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