Ghila Sanders

Ghila Sanders was names the new executive director of the Roswell Arts Fund. 

Ghila Sanders has been named the new Executive Director of the Roswell Arts Fund.

Sanders joins Roswell Arts Fund with more than 10 years of non-profit leadership experience, and an extensive history of community service and involvement. She is a graduate of La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy and completed her master’s degree in Business Administration at Georgia State University.

"I am thrilled to join Roswell Arts Fund and plan to bring structure to it with an eye on sustainability and growth so that we can continue to serve the people who live, work and play here, keep them engaged, curious and supported," Sanders said. "We are investing in Roswell and hope to give plenty of reasons to Roswell to invest back in us!"

Building on the success of the foundation's first four years, Roswell Arts Fund said Sanders brings a strong visionary and passionate leadership to strengthen and expand collaborative relationships with constituents, donors, and community and business partners.

She will lead many development efforts including identifying key foundations and grants whose areas of interest align with Roswell Arts Fund.

Roswell Arts Fund conducted a three-month national search for an executive director. The selection committee identified three finalists from over 45 applications. In addition to extensive interviews with Roswell Arts Fund Board Members, these three finalists met with key stakeholders in the city of Roswell as well as delivered two presentations. 

“Roswell Arts Fund is entering a new chapter in our history," founder of Roswell Arts Fund Rochelle Mucha said. "Ghila brings the experience, talent, passion, and energy to extend and strengthen our local and regional reach and impact.” 

Paired with a blend of expertise in operations leadership and strategic planning, and extensive experience directing process improvement, operations management and team leadership in cultural institutions, Sanders brings a deep passion for community engagement and creative placemaking to Roswell Arts Fund.

"Roswell has an authenticity of spirit that is contagious, a perfect blend of fun and meaning paired with a deep culture of generosity," Sanders said. "It is a proud community that sees the value of embedding the arts into its infrastructure to create unity and support economic development."

She is focused on making the City of Roswell a destination for the arts, and demonstrating how strategically the arts strengthen economic and social prosperity.

Roswell Arts Fund is a nonprofit organization that works interdependently with the city of Roswell as its designated Arts Agency. The organization serves as a voice and advocate for the arts community, strengthening the scope, quality and diversity of the arts and striving to fully integrate the arts into the social and economic fabric that is uniquely Roswell. 

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