081220_MNS_Thor Thor


LifeLine Animal Project presents Thor for the Pet Adoption Spotlight.

Thor is a 10-pound boy who loves all things human. He immediately perks up whenever anyone enters the cat room and begins making biscuits as he anticipates being petted. Thor arrived at the shelter with an old wound near his eye which makes him look a little quirky, but he doesn’t mind and hopes you’ll find his unique look as endearing as we do.

Thor would love to be your personal assistant and is skilled at walking on computer keyboards and following human beings around to keep them company.

He is also a pro at sitting in laps and expressing his love. He dreams of someday leaving the shelter and having human beings to call his own. Can you make his dream come true?

Thor’s ID number is 43997070. To learn more about Thor, email adoptions@lifelineanimal.org.

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