Dobbins sign

Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta

Cobb residents may notice more noise and air traffic overhead this week.

The United States military has planned training exercises in Marietta through Sunday. The exercises will include low-flying airplanes and helicopters.

According to Cobb police, the exercises will take place out of Dobbins Air Reserve Base.

The Department of Defense provided both Cobb and Marietta police departments with an official statement to notify residents about the training.

“Aviation assets will be involved in this training, so citizens may experience a higher than normal level of noise associated with military aircraft,” the DOD said. “This training is fully coordinated with local government officials, and every effort will be made to fly friendly and limit inconvenience to the local communities.”

The DOD said it will not offer public viewing of the training exercises.

“Extensive safety precautions are in place to protect the service members and local citizens,” the department said. “Due to inherent risks to personal safety, there will be no opportunities for public viewing of this training.”

The DOD will also conduct similar training exercises in Blairsville and Atlanta over the next week.

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