Students in Marietta City Schools will learn remotely on Thursday due to severe weather from Hurricane Zeta, school officials said.

In an email to district families on Wednesday afternoon, Marietta Superintendent Grant Rivera said the district will cancel in-person learning on Thursday and close all district buildings. Staff will not report in person.

“Following our call with the National Weather Service and in collaboration with other metro school districts, we have decided to cancel all in-person learning tomorrow and to keep all MCS buildings closed (our staff will not report in person),” Rivera wrote in his email to families. “With regard to this afternoon (Wednesday, October 28): ASP will continue as normal and after-school activities will be held as scheduled, but must conclude by 7:00 p.m.”

Rivera said students will participate in virtual classes from home, weather permitting.

“Weather and power/internet permitting, our students will have the opportunity for virtual learning tomorrow,” Rivera wrote. “I acknowledge the potential weather creates a high degree of uncertainty regarding the ability for students and staff to access the internet and power tomorrow.”

Marietta elementary students returned to the classroom for the option of face-to-face learning last month, and middle school students returned to face-to-face classes this week.

“I will also acknowledge just as quickly: our students have lost too much instructional time this year,” Rivera said. “Our expectation and hope for tomorrow is that both staff and students will make a reasonable effort to engage with their teacher and, when appropriate, access Schoology. If weather conditions or lack of internet/power make this not possible for either our students or our staff, we will continue to show the same grace, flexibility, and compassion that have defined the last seven months in MCS.”

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