A man accused of throwing away the ashes of a Marietta woman’s dead father and husband has been indicted in the case, records show.

Paul Martin Thornton, also known as Howboutit Hbi, tossed the ashes of the woman’s dead father in a garbage can at the woman’s home on Wildwood Road in Marietta in the middle of the night on July 22 last year, authorities claim.

Thornton, 45, also threw the cremated remains of the woman’s dead husband into a fire pit at the house around the same time, records state.

♦ In Thornton’s July 22, 2019 arrest warrant, police said he was told by the victim to stay away from her house but he replied to her via text message saying ‘I’m going to beat you the fup .’

Thornton was at the victim’s address between midnight and 2 a.m. on July 22 last year when he allegedly threw the ashes of her dead father and husband near a bonfire at the back of the property, police said.

He also poured bleach on her clothes inside her bedroom closet, according to the warrant, which lists Thornton’s address as being on Vintage Pointe Drive in Lawrenceville in Gwinnett County.

Police claim Thornton admitted, in text messages and in person, to throwing away the ashes and pouring Clorox on the victim’s clothes because he was angry at her.

Records show Thornton was taken into custody on July 22, 2019, initially charged with three misdemeanor counts of criminal trespass and a single felony count of terroristic threats.

He was indicted by a grand jury in Cobb Superior Court on Feb. 6 on two counts of abandonment of a dead body and single counts of terroristic threats and criminal damage to property in the second degree, the indictment shows.

Thornton’s case has been assigned to Cobb Superior Court Chief Judge Reuben Green, although no date has been set for his next court appearance, per court records.

Under Georgia law, any person convicted of abandonment of a dead body, a felony charge, can be sentenced to prison for between one and three years.

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