A man challenging Neil Warren for the Cobb County sheriff job in next year’s election has filed a lawsuit against Warren and two of his staff, claiming they unconstitutionally banned him from making comments on the sheriff’s office’s public Facebook page.

Democrat James Herndon of east Cobb filed his lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia Atlanta Division on Wednesday, documents show.

The lawsuit is here:

Herndon claims Warren blocked his comments and interaction with the public on the social media website because some of his content was critical of the sheriff. He said that’s against the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, and that Warren did this in conjunction with Lt. Col. Robert Quigley and Deputy Glenn Daniel.

“I have always stood up to bullies, especially those that trample the very rights and values we hold dear in Cobb County,” Herndon said of his lawsuit. “Blocking the voice of constituents is counter to everything an elected official stands for. If I am sheriff I will always be willing and available to listen to the needs and voice of our community.”

Daniel, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, did not see Herndon’s lawsuit until Thursday morning but told the MDJ it is company policy not to comment on litigation.

Herndon, a former sergeant with the Cobb sheriff’s office, wants the court to restore his “posting privileges” in respect of the Facebook site and force Warren et al. to pay him unspecified “special compensatory damages” and legal fees while also subject to some kind of fine.

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