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Georgia has been reporting declining numbers of COVID-19-related deaths in the last two weeks, with zero deaths reported Monday for the first time since July 5, according to the state Department of Public Health. Up until the most recent two weeks when reporting lags are expected, however, deaths have been steadily averaging in the 20s daily.

Georgia added 1,535 new coronavirus cases to its total number Monday, now 422,133. An additional 49,430 cases are “probable cases” from positive antigen test results. A reported 8,778 Georgians are confirmed to have died from the virus.

Here’s a look at Cobb County and state coronavirus numbers reported Monday, and how they compare to the day before. All information comes from the Georgia Department of Public Health.

Cobb County’s COVID-19 Numbers for Monday

Category 11/30 Change
Cases 26,408 +79
Hospitalizations 2,157 +2
Deaths 493 0

Georgia’s COVID-19 Numbers for Monday

Category 11/30 Change
Cases 422,133 +1,535
Hospitalizations 34,824 +42
Deaths 8,778 0

A Cobb-Douglas Public Health report, including data on how the coronavirus is affecting different ZIP codes, genders and ages, is available at

For the Georgia DPH’s full report, visit

National data can be found at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website at


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