The Atlanta Police Department has verified a possible kidnapping that took place Jan. 16 was not a kidnapping after all.

According to an email from the police, at about 8 a.m. Jan. 16, officers responded to a 911 call about a possible kidnapping at 1320 Moreland Ave. in southeast Atlanta.

“The caller advised she had been at that location around an hour earlier and witnessed an older model charcoal gray four-door Infiniti sedan parked in the parking lot near a white work van,” the police stated. “The witness advised a female was sitting inside the Infiniti on the passenger side when two males exited the van, removed her from the Infiniti and forced her into the van through the side door. The witness advised she was observing the incident from a distance, but it appeared that the female was struggling with the males.

“After the female was in the van, one of the males drove away in the Infiniti and the other left in the van. The witness advised the Infiniti had a temporary tag and the gas filler door appeared to be either missing or painted black. The van was described as a white work van with doors that open on the passenger side. No tag information was provided for the van.”

But in a follow-up email Jan. 17, Officer Anthony W. Grant, a police spokesman, said there was no kidnapping.

“This morning, Atlanta Police homicide investigators were able to determine no one was kidnapped during the incident on Moreland Avenue yesterday morning,” Grant said. “Investigators determined the van was a transportation vehicle for disabled individuals and the female was being assisted to the van. The female is safe and was not harmed.”

Though the incident was a false alarm, he said residents should remain vigilant about reporting possible crimes.

“We appreciate everyone's assistance in this case and are pleased to learn the female was not a victim of a crime,” Grant said. “We are appreciative of the witness calling us and advising us of what she witnessed. We encourage the public to call and report suspicious behavior, and we fully understand some incidents will turn out (to) not be criminal. Had this been a kidnapping, that early information would have been critical in our investigation.”

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