Here are additional modifications and considerations for the upcoming high school basketball season regarding Covid-19.

♦ Pregame Meeting — Only the Referee, head coach and one captain from each team shall attend. All attendees shall be safely spaced around the jump circle and no handshakes shall take place.

♦ Player Introductions — Players shall be introduced and remain in front of their respective team bench. No hand♦ shakes or fist bumps shall take place with coaches or officials.

♦ Postgame Sportsmanship — At the conclusion of the game teams shall gather near the free throw line on their respective end of the court, acknowledge their opponent, then exit the court.

♦ To Start the Game — There will NOT be a jump ball to start the game. The visiting team will be given the first possession of the alternating possession procedure. This would not be the case if the situation was complicated with a pregame technical foul.

Any overtime period will start with a coin toss for initial possession to start the overtime period. For overtime periods, a coin shall be flipped, and the visiting team head coach will call heads or tails before the flip of the coin. Let the coin hit the floor. The winner will attempt the throw in at the division line opposite the table, then the AP process would begin. Repeat this process for each overtime.

Team bench areas

♦ Create clear separation between team benches and spectator seating behind the bench.

♦ Allow for a minimum of six feet distance between bench personnel. Add an additional row(s) behind the floor side seating if necessary to maintain physical spacing.

♦ If physical distancing is not possible in the bench area, facial coverings shall be worn by all personnel on the bench.

♦ Teams shall provide their own beverages, cups/drink bottles, towels, and hand sanitizers both home and away.

Official table area

♦ Seating shall be limited to the official scorer and timekeeper (shot clock operator if used), and all shall wear face coverings.

♦ The host school shall sanitize the table and timing equipment before the game and at halftime.

Next time we will look at some changes to the game regarding fouls and the new shot clock operation.

Good luck to your team and see you safely at the gym.

Stan Pethel is a longtime local basketball official and a member of the Northwest Georgia Basketball Officials Association.

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