Cedartown Football Banquet 2020

Senior running back Kobe Pryor was presented with the Nick Chubb Career Achievement Award during the Bulldogs football banquet on Jan. 16. Chubb, who now plays for the Cleveland Browns, presented the award to Pryor, heading to play for Clemson in 2020. See Page B2 for more photos from the banquet.

Nick Chubb, like many other NFL stars, is battling the slow-moving early stages of the offseason.

This point of the season must feel like purgatory for a man so passionate about his craft.

There are no games and there are no practices.

There is no time to sit back and gloat about your amazing season though; you must stay at work, preparing for the grueling grind that will begin with Spring Training.

Chubb is doing just this. The Cedartown native is back home, honing his craft and maintaining mid-season shape. Nick, who played in the Pro Bowl only weeks ago, will not see live action versus a separate team until the Browns start up preseason play in July or August (the NFL will officially announce the 2020 NFL schedule in April).

With the season officially in the back mirror, all focus moves forward to the NFL Draft. The draft will be held April 23-25 in Las Vegas, Nev. Chubb’s Cleveland Browns hold the no. 10 pick in the first round.

While Cleveland is not expected to draft a running back this season, it would not necessarily be shocking. However, even if they do, one would not think it would harm Chubb’s presence as Cleveland’s go-to back. If anything, they may try to replace backup running back Kareem Hunt who has faced legal issues multiple times the past few years.

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