Nick Chubb Pro Bowl 2020

Reader David Shipano grabbed this snapshot of Nick Chubb’s helmet during the Pro Bowl on Sunday, Jan. 26. Chubb got into the game with 23 yards and 4 carries on the day.

Nick Chubb performed well in his first Pro Bowl.

The Cedartown native rushed for 23 yards on four carries in the 2020 Pro Bowl. His team, the AFC All-Pros, knocked off the NFC All-Pros 38-33.

Chubb, who was the starting running back for the AFC team, did everything asked of him in the victory. In the Pro Bowl, coaches attempt to give each player even carries. Although he did not play long, he helped in the AFC’s Pro Bowl win.

Furthermore, the NFL announced prior to the game that this year the players of the winning team would receive $10,000 donations to their high school or youth sports organization of their choice.

As the old saying goes, Nick is “Bulldog born, Bulldog bred,” so it goes without saying that his victory pay will go directly to Cedartown High School.

Chubb will now look forward to the new season this fall. He has plenty of time to learn the offense to be run by new Cleveland head coach Kevin Stefanski. If the past is any indicator, Nick will return to his home: he will be right back in the 30125, working out with current Cedartown athletes.

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