Cedartown Football 2019

Head coach Doyle Kelley watches a defensive play from the sidelines during the first half of a scrimmage against Chattooga. The Bulldogs won 55-0.

Cedartown High School has a new opening for a head football coach after the decision was made at the administrative level to end the tenure of Doyle Kelley.

Principal Scott Hendrix - who served as the head football coach before Kelley - said that he wanted to make a change at the top level of the program.

"In my overall evaluation in every aspect in our program, and to continue to move it into a positive direction, this is the move I thought we needed to make," he said.

He said a committee will determine a replacement after accepting applications. 

"We'll have a search and open the job up and take applications in the near future and go through hiring process," Hendrix said. "We want to find the best applicant for Cedartown High School and our students."

For the time being, Hendrix said Kelley will remain as the school's Athletic Director.

The Bulldogs finished the season 5-6 overall and wrapped up the year with a first round playoff appearance where they lost to Marist. It was Kelley's third season in a row to make it to the playoffs and he finished his career at 20-14 overall.

Kelley previously served as the Bulldogs head baseball coach and in assistant positions over the past years with the football program before he became the head coach. He gave up his long career at the helm of the Bulldogs on the baseball diamond in 2018 after 

He provided the following written statement about his departure from the football program:

Members of the Cedartown Community,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity over the last 34 years to serve our community through the Cedartown High School Athletic program. I will always count it as one of my greatest blessings to have been able to give back to the community I was born and raised in as a teacher, track coach, head baseball coach, and for the last three years as head football coach and athletic director.

Unfortunately, and through no decision of my own, I will no longer have that opportunity.

On December 3, I was informed by the Principal of Cedartown High School that I was being terminated as head football coach of the Cedartown High School Bulldog Football Team. When I was informed of the decision to terminate me, I was encouraged to mislead our community by publicly stating that I had chosen to resign, and not that I was terminated. I care too much for this community, program, and students to engage in this kind of deception.

While I am deeply saddened by the decision the Principal has made, I refuse to let myself dwell on it or let it define the time I have been at CHS. Instead, I will focus on all the great things we have accomplished together over the last 34 years. There is much to be proud of and thankful for. I think back on the numerous athletes who signed scholarships to the college or university of their choice, the countless wins across each of our sports programs, and the friendships I watched develop between our student athletes.

In the three years I had the honor of serving as head football coach, our football team amassed twenty wins, made it to the state playoffs each year, and won a home playoff game for the first time since 2003. I celebrate these victories not for what they meant to me, but for what they meant for the players, school, and community.

I will always have a special place in my heart for the Cedartown Bulldogs and each of you. Again, thank you for allowing me to serve this community I love so dearly. This is not the ending I wanted or expected, but all things happen for a reason and my faith in God’s plan for my life is strong.

God Bless Each of You,

Doyle Kelley

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