Rockmart's Davis selects Hanover for college

Rockmart’s Sherman Davis signs with Hanover College during a special ceremony at Rockmart High School on March 10, 2021.

As much as family has been a part of Sherman Davis’ time at Rockmart High School, he was ready to base his choice to play college football on that same value.

And when the coaching staff at Hanover College in Indiana made the offer to him to play for the Division III private school in Indiana, Davis decided he was ready to see his family grow.

Davis, who has made a name as one of the top high school football linemen in the area during his time playing for the Jackets, signed the papers on March 10 to accept a spot on the Hanover College roster this fall.

“They made me feel like I was family. They stayed in contact with me, like, every single day, so it just made me feel like I was family already,” Davis said. “It’s felt good to be with my brothers for four years here and just be part of a winning process, you know, because losing is not an option around here.”

Davis became a key part of Rockmart’s success under head coach Biff Parson in recent years, including four straight region titles.

As a private institution in Division III, Hanover is not allowed to offer athletic scholarships, so Davis had to make sure his grades were good enough to get academic scholarships to pay for his education.

“You have good grades to go there, so I just want to go there and get away from home, see how it is and how I can do by myself and study,” Davis said. “I just want to show the freshmen that they can do this, and to just stay strong, and one day this is going to be them sitting behind that chair and signing this paper.”

Parson said Davis was a team player, buying into the process early on and helping his teammates as they worked to be successful.

“He’s laid the groundwork for a lot of these younger kids,” Parson said. “He’s truly been a blessing to me and to our staff, and I’m so excited for him to have this opportunity because that’s all he’s talked about for four years.”

Hanover, located in Hanover, Indiana, has won back-to-back Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference championships.

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