Nick Chubb has handled recognition at every level of his career. But at the end of the day, he’s more than happy to be back where it all started. And he wants others to know they can level-up like him.

On Saturday, the NFL running back hosted his second Nick Chubb Hometown Football Camp at Cedartown High School for local kids. Not only was this camp free of charge to the 200 Cedartown kids who registered, but Chubb joined with Nike for a special giveaway to a lucky camper.

While Chubb worked with the kids in competitive drills, he also made sure to speak to each kid in attendance and have a picture made with each one.

“It’s about giving back, seeing the kids, encouraging them to play for Cedartown, Ga. That’s the biggest thing that I feel like I do around here is I show the kids that if you want to make it in football, you can,” Chubb said in an interview prior to Saturday’s camp. “You’ve got to put the work in. No matter if you are from Cedartown, you can still make it where you want to go in life. That’s the biggest encouragement for the kids is to come and see me live and prove that its possible to do.”

A combination of drills and games, as well as an obstacle course or two, help train participants in having a competitive nature, according to Chubb.

Chubb has donated both time and resources to the Cedartown community and the Bulldogs’ football program. He helped the team purchase new helmets in the past and has never forgotten where his talents evolved before getting noticed by the likes of the University of Georgia and, eventually, the Cleveland Browns.

The two-time Pro Bowler is entering his fourth season in the NFL. While he’s excited about the team this year, Chubb has mostly been home in Cedartown since January, and says that one thing he likes about the NFL is the generous time off.

“In high school and college and so on, everyone gets like one or two months off,” Chubb said. “But that’s the thing, it makes me miss the game even more. I’m excited to get back up there this year and get going. We can build off last year and keep things rolling.”

Chubb had 1,067 total yards, averaged 5.6 yards per carry, and scored 12 touchdowns for the Browns in 2020, ending in the AFC Divisional Round against Kansas City.

Since then, he’s been back home.

“Our last game was the playoffs and I haven’t been anywhere else, but people don’t see me around. They think I’m just in town for a day or something,” Chubb said. “I train at Cedartown High School every day, I work out, I run, I do all my drills at the high school every single day and that’s about it. Other than that I’m at home. I have two dogs and I hang out with my family. That’s about it.”

As modest as his off-season life is, he is fine talking with fans and friends about his life in the NFL, especially some of his famous friends.

“The biggest thing people always ask me is how is Baker Mayfield? How is Odell Beckham and Jarvis Landry? People ask me that all the time,” Chubb said. “So I mean, Baker, I like Baker a lot. He’s actually a really cool guy and he’s fun to be around. He brings a lot of energy and people just see him on TV. Same for Odell. People think that he’s cocky, but I don’t necessarily think so. I think he has a swag about himself and they bring intensity and that’s it. That’s just who they are.

“So the biggest thing, and I always tell people that they are people just like us. I mean, they have a lot of pressure on them, but at the end of the day, they’re just people.”

No one could say anything different about Chubb. His most recent guilty pleasure? He joined a Rome-area bowling league with a couple of friends.

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