Disc Golf Parker Crawford

Eagle Scout Parker Crawford talked about his project to setup a disc golf course in Polk County during the Feb. 3 Commission work session.

Local Eagle Scout Parker Crawford was a young man on a mission in recent months.

As part of his project to earn the rank of Eagle with the Boy Scouts, Crawford was required to do something for the community that he also loved. So he sought with the help of the Polk County Commission in months past to provide a space for young and old alike to enjoy a game of disc golf.

Now that work is finished, and Crawford provided a final briefing on the work he completed during the Commissions latest work session for February. It was January 2018 when Crawford first came to the commission to seek permission to setup the course on county-owned property in Fish Creek.

“The construction phase was a lot of work,” he said. “There were a lot of trees we had to clear out, and we kept having problems with our chainsaws, so a lot of the trees were actually cut down by hand.”

He carried concrete to keep all the baskets and posts in place, and had help from fellow scouts, family and friends in bringing the course to life.

“If anyone wants to play on it, they can. It has hole signs put up, the area has been cleared out and it’s pretty much ready to go,” Crawford said.

Disc golf is structured the same as regular golf, but instead of clubs and balls players use discs they send sailing into baskets for each hole. The course can be accessed from the Silver Comet Trailhead behind Victory Baptist Church on Highway 278.

It features nine holes for people to play.

County Commissioners sought to ensure that the information about the new course is shared locally with the cities and the Polk County Chamber of Commerce as a new attraction for visitors and locals to enjoy.

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