About Us - Polk Standard Journal

The Polk County Standard Journal is a weekly publication that serves the citizens of Polk County, Georgia. The Standard Journal was formed by the merger of two newspapers — The Rockmart Journal and The Cedartown Standard in 2014.

The Rockmart Journal

The Rockmart Journal was the oldest continuously published newspaper in Rockmart, Ga. The first issue of The Rockmart Journal was published in July 1930 and the office was located on East Elm Street in a building that later housed the Economy Ice Cream Co. It was founded by Fred Fitzgerald along with his father-in-law, A. N. Johnson, Piedmont, Ala. He continued as publisher until 1939 when he was succeeded by H.F. Beall and later Cecil D. Franklin, who acquired the newspaper in the early 1940s. Later, E.C. Sanders became a silent partner in 1946 and acquired remaining interest from Hirman Brown, Cartersville. Sanders became publisher in 1948 and moved the location of the business to South Marble Street. The Rockmart Journal was acquired by News Publishing Co. in 1980 and was located on South Piedmont Avenue. In 1998, the newspaper was moved into a modern building at 238 S. Piedmont Ave. The editor at that time was the late Aubrey "Orbie" Thaxton. Staff and all operations of The Journal relocated to the offices of its sister newspaper, The Cedartown Standard, located at 213 Main St., Cedartown, as of January 2012. It was combined with the Cedartown Standard in 2014 and is now owned by Times-Journal Inc. based in Marietta, Ga.

The Cedartown Standard

The Cedartown Standard began in 1869 and is the oldest continuously published paper in Polk County. The Standard office is located in the notable Coca-Cola building on downtown Main Street, right in the heart of the city’s historic district. Since the paper's early roots back in the 1800s it continued to grow until combined with the Rockmart Journal in 2014 and is now owned by Times-Journal Inc. based in Marietta, Ga.