Why a Polk Gathering Intertribal Pow Wow. Why hold a special Trail of Tears Memorial service and walk?

I wish to share my reason for working to put this on. Being President of Polk County Historical Society and learning our rich History and Heritage, this just seemed to be a great starting point.

Spivey McIntosh moved into my neighborhood and proceeded to fix up the historic home he had purchased. Being a good neighbor, I stated to stop by and thank him for his hard work.

Over the summer we became good friends and he started to tell me of his connection to the Creek Indian that lived here years ago. I asked him to be a guest speaker at the PCHS monthly meeting in November of 2018. He agreed and gave a wonderful program, so good that he was asked to come to our meeting on the 26th of November of this year and be our guest speaker.

Over the winter he and I met and I told him how I wanted to help promote our “Polk County History and Heritage” and that our Indian history would be a great starting point.

At this point I called the board members of PCHS and our museum director to take this Polk gathering Pow Wow on. Once we were meeting as a committee to plan everything along came Ms. Paula Astin offering her thoughts of a Memorial Walk to recognize the 1832 removal of our Cherokee People from Polk County.

This is something close to my heart! Our Pow Wow committee agreed the “Walk” needed to be a part of this Polk Gathering Pow Wow.

The City of Cedartown read a Proclamation of Honor at the start of our event recognizing the Native American’s that played a great part in our history and heritage.

The members of the Polk Gathering Committee started this Petition for signatures from us local residents of Polk County, Georgia.

Here is what we asked folks to sign:

Acknowledge and Express Deep Regret for the former offenses and the legacy of suffering, dislocation, and social ills contributed relative to the Removal camps and the Trail of Tears, and our commitment to build on the positive contributions of the past and present made to our heritage by the Native Americans, and, Call for a heart of reconciliation, restoration and renewal of the spirit of love, equality, justice, understanding and commitment to true brotherhood and sisterhood among all peoples as the first community on our soil.

I am pleased to announce we had over 500 folks to sign. I had the honor of presenting the box filled with our letter of regret and signatures to one of Polk County’s Native American Residents, Mr. Dan Lone Wolf.

I feel that our prayers asking for forgiveness and healing for our Polk County was delivered to the man above.


Gregory Gray

Polk County Historical Society president

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