A good thing happened on a big scale in Cedartown, Georgia this past weekend. The Doug Sanders Museum opened to a very large crowd from near and far. The catalyst creating this monumental and happy event is Cedartown’s own Jamie and Darcy Morris and family.

In the midst of a country filled with protests, petitions and politics, we were privileged to witness a living time capsule of one of our own favorite sons: Doug Sanders.

With letters, photographs, golf bags of Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama, Nixon, and Ford, personal letters from astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Alan Shepard, actors Dean Martin, John Wayne, Sammy Davis Jr., Bing Crosby and Bob Hope, the museum has it all.

We saw the life of a Cedartown man who never forgot his roots. Twenty-two PGA Tour wins and two second place PGA major championship finishes, everything is here. That Jamie and Darcy Morris brought this to life is all the more remarkable for this reason: they are not related to Doug Sanders but share a common love that we all share, Cedartown is our home.

Oh, Jamie and Darcy’s daughter Jeannie played golf on full scholarship at Mercer University. Their son, Daniel, literally had the Coca-Cola Museum vision that came to be reality, but the most important and relevant common denominator was Cedartown.

Please see the museum — take and tell your friends about it. When you think of our beautiful town, think of a way you can help make it better, as Jamie and Darcy have done. We can all help, in our own small way, our town to be one in which we are born, raised, become educated, raise our families and work. We have a great quality of life here.

We know what we’ve got here in Cedartown and are proud of ours that leave us and go on to bigger and bigger things (Nick Chubb, Sam Hunt, Ray Beck, Sterling Holloway, Edgar Chandler, Ivy Ledbetter Lee, and many more), as well as those that stay right here and make our town a better place.

Thank you, Jamie and Darcy from the bottom of our collective hearts. Thank you for your talent and for staying right here in Cedartown, raising your family here, and running a worldwide business here. You’ve added another jewel to our little crown! God bless you.

Bill Lundy

Cedartown, Georgia

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