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Dear Editor:

I’m writing this letter because I get so tired of paying bills to the City of Cedartown that I think are too high and we never get any refunds.

Currently, I have a one month water bill for $96.11! The water is $30.58, the sewer $45.87, the trash is $12.50 and there are several unknown miscellaneous charges totaling up to $7.16. Now they want to charge me more for an extra bag of garbage!

Last week, I put an extra bag beside my trash can because we had filled up the one provided by the city. On Wednesday, August 14, when my trash was supposed to be picked up I came home to the trash can emptied but the extra bag left in front of the can.

So, on August 21, I talked to the man who operates the trash truck and asked him why they would leave the extra bag of trash in my yard? He said the company had met with the City of Cedartown and agreed on a contract to no longer pick up any extra bags. That if we wanted the trash to be picked up, we would need to get another can put out.

I told him that I think we pay more than enough now for trash — $12.50, and that this is a waste of money, especially if it only happens every once in a while. I told him that I was going to contact the City of Cedartown to discuss it with the water department.

I contacted the City of Cedartown and told them was the company had told me. The lady I spoke with said that we couldn’t talk with any City Commissioners but we could email them because they don’t work out of the city office. I told her that I don’t really want to pay for an extra trash can if it is filled up if I have another bag of trash.

She said that this is new, but she knew about this new change between the trash company related to the new charge for an extra trash can. I told her that I wanted to talk to the City Commissioners about this price gouging.

She said their next meeting is on September 9, 2019 at 6 p.m. and I’m going to the city office to get a form to fill out.

Are you tired of the City of Cedartown trying to get every penny they can from Cedartown city residents? I need you to get a form to fill out and come speak as well about such price gouging of we citizens of Cedartown! Its time we stand up and be heard!


Betty Sue Kelley

of Cedartown

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