“Greater love hath no man than to risk his life for his family, his neighbors, his town and his county.”

Sheriff Johnny Moats is a soldier of a different kind and across our towns, cities, counties, and states there are hundreds of soldiers like him who get up every day, put on a uniform, kiss their families goodbye knowing it might be for the last time ... and then go out into our streets to confront the power-sick, selfish, insane looters and rioters and thieves and killers whose golden rule is “Me! Me! Me! It’s all about me!”

Shortly after I moved to Cedartown Georgia Johnny Moats, sheriff of Polk County, Georgia, knocked on my front door and told me his office checks daily on seniors who live alone.

I was delighted and very surprised as I have built and owned agencies in several locations that provided in-home services for seniors and I never encountered a sheriff’s office that offered such a compassionate service. I later learned Floyd County, Georgia, also performs such an exceptional service.

Why families and churches don’t check daily on their senior members is the same issue for another time.

The question today is why do we honor, applaud and pen medals on our military soldiers — our war “heroes” — yet we rarely stop to call our local police or our county sheriff’s office and say “I slept well last night knowing you were on duty.”

We are currently, my fellow Americans, involved in a civil war created by those who despise all authority and blame everybody except themselves for being a failure in a free capitalistic society.

These “peaceful protesters” have materialized into organized gangs of criminals who despise any and all forms of government that makes possible “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as long as we are not interfering in the rights of others.

Take a break today.

Call your local police station, your county sheriff’s office and ask if there is anything you can do to make their life-saving jobs easier ... and then call your governor and suggest the state allow your sheriff’s office to check daily on seniors who live alone .

The old, often sick seniors will be glad you did ... and so will these uniformed local and county soldiers, and this columnist, who weeps over what is happening in so many of our largest American cities, and our once safe daily life.

And thank you, Sheriff Johnny Moats, for reminding me that most Americans are basically good, law-abiding Individuals.

Elizabeth Andrews is a freelance columnist whose columns have been published in several daily and weekly newspapers, and on THE AMERICAN REPORTER, a national digital newspaper.


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