With World Kindness Day just over the horizon, students, educators and more at Van Wert Elementary School have been challenged again to do good in and out of the classroom.

The program at Van Wert in 2019 is called “Be the I in KIND.”

Any student, parent, faculty, or staff member that is caught showing kindness gets to spin the wheel for a small treat and take a picture in front of the school’s Be the “I” in Kind poster.

“We have bus drivers that give random students sticky notes with kind sayings to give to other students,” Van Wert’s Christy Sisneros reported. “We have students paying money so that other students can get ice cream, and students helping other students without being told to help.”

The day was introduced in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement in order to promote random acts of kindness across the world. The day is celebrated in a number of countries, including Canada, Japan, Australia and more.

There are several acts of kindness that take just a little effort and can brighten the day of loved ones and friend or even complete strangers.

World Kindness Day organizers encourage people to send uplifting texts to friends and families, be reasonable on the roadway and let drivers into traffic with good will, laugh and enjoy the daily routine, go out of the comfort zone to make someone smile, compliment others, reach out to loved ones who have fallen out of touch, or treat someone to a cup of coffee.

For those who want to make a difference during World Kindness Day, also consider giving to a favorite charity to help those in need as well.

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