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Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd is off the job for the rest of the week following his suspension without pay during a confrontation with Polk County Commissioner Jennifer Hulsey directly following the August session on Tuesday night. 

According to County Manager Matt Denton, Dodd's actions were "unprofessional, and disrespectful."

"I've addressed that issue with him," he said. 

Denton said he didn't have full details on what happened following the meeting, but that it was serious enough for him to officially reprimand Dodd for his actions. 

"I know there was a heated discussion between the chief and the commissioner, and it was broken up," he said. 

Denton added that he knew Dodd had written and sent an apology letter, but had not seen a copy of it himself. 

Hulsey said that Dodd came up to her after the meeting to confront her about a letter she presented as an example of issues within the Polk County Police Department following comments made on Monday night about officers following a chain of command. 

She had stated that former officer Randy Turner - who she cited she had permission from to bring up the issue - had tried to follow that chain of command but his concerns had not been addressed in a letter he sent to Dodd. Hulsey also gave her support to a proposed referendum to let the voters decide on whether the county needs two law enforcement agencies, or just one.

Hulsey said she would have more to say on what happened between her and Dodd later today.

We have reached out to Dodd several times but have received no response from him since Wednesday morning. 

Other commissioners have thus far also chosen not to comment on the confrontation as well. 

Dodd is expected to return to the job on Monday, and was suspended without pay. Denton said he did not take any vacation time to cover the lost pay. 

The confrontation between the chief and the commissioner came just a day after two pastors supporting the Polk County Police Department came before the board of commissioners during their July 31 work session to speak out about the police audit and Sheriff Johnny Moats' May 5 letter. 

Moats also addressed the board about his letter and previous comments about his department being over budget by Commission Chair Marshelle Thaxton during the July regular meeting, along with statements about previous comments made by officers in the Polk County Police Department notes. 

Check back for more on this story as it develops. 

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