Gibson Priest

Gibson Priest

Farm ponds can be found on most large pieces of property in Polk County and they offer water for livestock as well as the opportunity for fun for the property owners.

But while being fun, ponds can also be dangerous.

How to make your pond safe

If you use your pond for swimming or boating, set up a rescue station that consists of a post with a ring buoy, rope and long pole. Also attach a waterproof container to the post with first-aid instructions and emergency phone numbers.

Keep your pond and beach area free of trash. If necessary, fence your pond to keep unsupervised children out. An adult should be with small children at the pond area.

If you have a boat, be sure it’s seaworthy. Never overload it and provide a personal flotation device for each passenger.

Don’t swim in a pond shared with livestock; some animal diseases can be transmitted to people. Also, don’t swim in a pond polluted by runoff water containing chemicals or animal wastes, or in one where the water is scummy or contains a lot of algae.

If you have any questions regarding beetles or other gardening topics, you are welcome to contact the extension office at 770-749-2142 or email

For more information and details on upcoming events, check out the Polk County Extension office on Facebook by searching “UGA Extension Polk County.”

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