The word unfair doesn’t begin to describe what seniors across the county who were set to celebrate their final year in spring sports are experiencing right now.

With the closing of schools through the rest of the year, the Shelter in Place order extended through the end of April and the Georgia High School Association following suit with state leaders in calling off schedules for the rest of the year, seniors are missing out on opportunities to be celebrated during the final regular season home games, and have last chances to shine on the state level in annual tournaments.

Remix at Moore’s wasn’t satisfied with that.

Cedartown Boys Soccer Coach Kevin King teamed up with his wife Lindsay who now owns and operates the corner store on Main Street and West Avenue to post pictures in the window of the Senior Class of 2020 for the boys and girls soccer teams, and the boys and girls tennis teams.

”We wanted to do anything we could do to honor seniors at Cedartown High School who are missing out on many of the great traditions that we take for granted every year,” King said. “Lindsay and I are happy that we had a place that was prominent to show off the senior Bulldogs.”

King said that as a coach and longtime soccer player and having been with this senior class since their middle school year made the cancellation of the season especially hard for 2020. He added that he had assistance from Tennis Coach Matt Foster in providing space for their seniors as well. ”We are working to see how we can honor all students since there’s still lots of window space to utilize,” King said. “If we have to take down our logos, we will. These kids deserve everyone to celebrate them.”

Remix at Moore’s plans to keep the senior honors up through the summer months, and will be taking on an additional project for honoring student athletes once they come down.

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