This time of year is usually one of celebration, especially for a young group who are just beginning their journey in education.

Yet, during times when schools are shuttered and the usual routine is interrupted, being able to hold any kind of gathering to honor anyone is a challenge. That didn’t stop Rockmart First United Methodist Church’s group of educators in their Pre-K program from making sure their students got the chance to stop by one more time before the start of summer.

A drive-thru graduation was held in front of Rockmart First United Methodist on Church Street on Tuesday morning, offering students and parents to see each other one more time before the official break, and to hand off presents with social distancing guidelines in place.

Rockmart Yellow Jacket mascot Rocky was also on hand to greet Pre-K students to give them an opportunity to high five. Rocky did have a COVID-19 test beforehand and came back negative, and maintained his distance from people ahead of the event to ensure that youth were safe when interacting with him.

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