After a late night at the Board of Elections and a good portion of the work day spent working out an issue in reporting with the Secretary of State's office, local officials have released election results - though they remain unofficial with some provisional ballots being examined still. 

Officials stated that no changes were made in the initial election results posted in the early morning hours Wednesday, but that a issue at the state level with reporting software caused the Board of Elections to want to pull back from calling their tallies complete until it was resolved. Of note, the vote has yet to be certified yet and won't be official until that is completed. 

That has been done, and it can now be announced that several local races have been decided and others will require a run-off. 

Locally, voters decided to keep Scotty Tillery as the District 1 Commissioner and Chuck Thaxton as the District 2 commissioner in the 2020 Primary, alongside voting in a new Probate Court Judge to start in 2021 with the win for Coroner Tony Brazier. 

By just 312 votes, Brazier took the race 3,597 to 3,285 when all the votes were tallied by around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning. 

Tillery won the District 1 race over James Vines 5,400 votes to 1,507 and Thaxton defeated Glenn Robinson 3,997 votes to 2,758. 

In the State House District 16 race, Polk County decided for State Rep. Trey Kelley to represent the Republican Party in the November race for the seat, which will be contested by Democratic challenger Lyndsay Arrendale. Kelley defeated Jennifer Hulsey locally 4,410 to 2,633 votes, and districtwide 5,163 to 3,072. 

The District 31 State Senate race will require a run-off as none of the four candidates got more than 50% of the ballots in their favor. Boyd Austin - who led in the GOP primary locally - garnered 2,663 votes ahead of Jason Anavitarte's 2,074. Robert "Bobby" Mehan took 1,100 local votes, and Bobby Wilson had 667. Districtwide, Austin took 11,861 votes across Paulding, Haralson and Polk Counties. He held a lead over Anavitarte's 10,604 votes, Mehan's 4,678 and Wilson's 2,292 ballots cast.

That means in August when the District 14 race goes to a run-off, GOP voters will be asked to choose between the two candidates in the District 31 race as well. 

The District 14 race ended with Marjorie Greene in the lead with 40,759 votes so far, with Dr. John Cowan taking a second place with 18,391 so far. 

In Presidential primary races, President Donald Trump took the GOP without opposition in Georgia, while former Vice President Joe Biden won the state by a wide majority, though some votes did go to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. 

The Democratic race for the U.S. Senate nomination to challenge Senator David Perdue had Jon Ossoff in the lead, though calls for a full count of ballots have been called for in the race by Sarah Riggs Amico, a former Lieutenant Governor candidate. 

Local officials did say that around 100 provisional ballots are still on the books in Polk County, but those are not likely to influence the outcome in any race. 

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