Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution

Sheriff Johnny Moats was presented with a resolution protecting the second amendment after it’s unanimous approval by the Polk County Commission. Chair Jennifer Hulsey provided Moats with the copy.

A petition filled out fast by local citizens and submitted by Sheriff Johnny Moats was acted upon with unanimous approval of a resolution declaring that Polk County will uphold the Second Amendment, no matter what state laws try to limit firearm ownership.

Moats brought the proposal of joining others around the state to make Polk County a Sanctuary for Second Amendment rights to the Commission during their Feb. 3 work session in front of a packed house of interested citizens on the issue.

He told Commissioners that should they decide a resolution wasn’t possible, that he would still uphold his Constitutional duties and protect law abiding gun owners from changing gun laws.

“As the Sheriff of Polk County, I took an oath as a Constitutional officer, I’ve got to go by the Constitution,” Moats said. “As long as the Constitution says we’ve got the right to bear arms, we’re going to have the right to bear arms.”

“Not me or anyone from my office is going to remove guns from law-abiding citizens,” Moats added.

Locally, Moats said concerns have grown and a push made to protect gun rights after seeing legislation in Virginia develop that seeks to curtail firearms ownership.

The petition seeking the resolution to join in as a Sanctuary city had more than 1,000 signatures in just a few days, Moats added.

The resolution passed without issue during the county’s regular voting session, and Moats was provided a copy by Commission Chair Jennifer Hulsey since he brought forth the issue on behalf of local gun owners.

Second Amendment Sanctuary counties are popping up in Georgia and in 19 states across the nation. Most recently, a rally was held in Floyd County seeking to gain support for a resolution to protect gun rights there as well.

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