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An investigation is underway after a baby was found dead by his parents in the days before Christmas in Polk County, according to local law enforcement officials.

On Monday, Dec. 23, emergency personnel were called out to an Adamson Road apartment with a Cedartown address when the parents of an 11-month-old child was found unresponsive on the couch after his mother and father went to sleep around 5 a.m., and woke up in the afternoon find their child not breathing.

On-call staff from the Polk County Coroner’s Office pronounced baby William Beck dead on the scene after their arrival around 3 p.m.

A Polk County Police report on the incident stated that both parents were interviewed and the baby was found pale and with red blotches over the face and body and that rigor mortis set in on the body already when emergency personnel arrived on the scene.

The body was transported to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab for an autopsy. Police, along with coroner’s office and the Department of Family and Childrens Services are still investigating the death.

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