North Main Video used to be one of the only places in town to find the latest releases of movies on video cassette or later on DVD.

Now it is a business changing hands as owner Ronnie Dingler decided it was time to call it quits and head to the house.

Dingler said he got an offer for the business located on North Main Street in the same shopping center as Save-a-Lot

and Fred’s that he couldn’t refuse from an Atlanta-area investor who wished not to be named.

“A lot of people are mad because we couldn’t say aything,” he said. “But a gentleman from Norcross wanted to buy the store.”

North Main Video will now be called Lotto Food Mart, and run by Rocky Singh, Dingler said. Some renovations on the store will be done before it reopens to the public under the new management.

“We’ve had our building and property for sale for about 20 years,” Dingler said. “We had someone about six months ago or so become interested in it, and we didn’t really know if the deal was going to go through until the day we signed the paperwork.”

Dingler said he’s wanted to retire from running the day to day operations of North Main Video for some time, but had trouble securing someone to purchase the store — along with the Treasure Chest directly next door — until recent months.

He added that Singh will mainly be focusing on food items, tobacco sales, and utility payments.

“Rocky is a nice guy, I’ve talked to him a couple of times and he seems he wants to keep things the way they are mainly,” Dingler said.

Though he’s no longer going to be running North Main Video, Dingler will be taking some odd day trips from time to time and keeping busy with other activities, such as keeping up with the Cedartown Optimist Club and other volunteer efforts.

“Used to Sunday was the only day off we had to do anything,” Dingler said. “Now we can get up on Tuesday morning and be back by Tuesday evening and not have to worry about it.”

Dingler opened his first store approximately 30 years ago on the corner of the North Main Street shopping complex right next to the North Main Video store, 560 N. Main St.

Stereo Creations, explained Dingler, was one of the first car stereo installation businesses in Cedartown.

“We started in the electronics business,” said Dingler. “Next door we used to have the ‘big boom’ you hear in cars. Everyone says I started that here in the Southeast. You never heard of one of those in cars until me.”

Dingler said his audio business flourished and when the property came up for sale, he decided to buy it.

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