Jennifer Hulsey

Jennifer Hulsey


As I sit here this morning watching the beautiful sunrise, I think back to what I call “the good old days.”

Those days were spent here in Polk County enjoying life. As a child, I have so many fond memories. Memories that include going into Allen’s Five and Dime and all the cool things they had. The popcorn popping and the bell ringing as you entered or left the store. In those days, going to the shoe store was not a day trip out of town. It was a trip to Chandler shoe store to buy those Buster Browns. Going to Moore’s to get a milkshake was a weekly treat. On those special days we got a lemon sour.

Walking down the street enjoying the day was normal, no cell phones, no computers. These past few weeks I have been reminded of those days more and more. The simpleness of life and enjoying it more than we do. Not always having a cell phone, not being so busy, just taking a moment to enjoy the view. And this time, it wasn’t because I could. It’s because I had to....that was a good thing.

As the stores have been shut down, and time has slowed down, everyday life has become a little clearer. Getting up drinking my coffee, and listening to the birds. Just sitting on my front yard swing thinking back instead of rushing out the door. Seeing all those in need, and working with others to ensure that people are getting what they need and helping one another. Saying thank you, and I appreciate you. Just taking a moment to breathe, and realize how precious life is. How blessed I am to be in this community who loves its neighbors.

This crisis is still ongoing with many unanswered questions. But what I do know is that there is some good coming from all of our struggles. People helping people. The small town atmosphere has come back to life.

I am praying for this community and our future. And I am praying we also remember this time we’re getting to spend with our loved ones. And making a point to enjoy those little things and appreciate those businesses that we visit so much.

When we return, I hope we realize how special they are to our community, our memories, and our future.

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