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CEDARTOWN — An online argument between cousins led to a shooting on Memorial Day, police say.

Detective Brandon Crawford of the Polk County Police Department said officers responded Monday night to the area of Piedmont Highway and Shiloh Road.

They found Dylan Goddard on the passenger side of his Nissan Altima with a pair of wounds to his left abdomen and right thigh. They asked him what happened and he said it began as an argument on Facebook between himself and his cousin Corey Deaton.

Goddard’s car was also damaged by shotgun blasts to the front of the car.

Crawford said that ambulances arrived on scene and treated and took Goddard away to an area hospital, where he remains in intensive care but in stable condition.

After helping Goddard, officers then went to visit Deaton at his residence on Shiloh Road, where the shooting occurred. They arrested Deaton on his front porch and found a 12-gauge shotgun inside and three spent shells next to the front porch steps.

Deaton is charged with aggravated assault, reckless conduct and pointing and aiming a gun at another. He was released on a $7,000 bond.

Crawford said the investigation into the shooting remains open.

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