Lively’s BBQ and Breakfast seems to be one of the busiest restaurants on Cedartown’s Main Street.

The tiny barbecue shop, located at 1207 S. Main St., almost blends into the environment with an old fashioned appearance inside and out, meant to remind customers of days past.

While the restaurant can be hard to find among the trees, the smell of freshly cooked barbecue seems to be what keeps cars zooming through the joint’s drive through all day long.

Those interested in trying the breakfast or lunch menu offered by the restaurant can visit from 6 a.m. through 7 p.m. every day except for Sunday when the restaurant closes shop.

While the takeout window is a common means of grabbing a bite to eat, Lively’s invites those interested in sitting inside as well.

“We’re mostly drive through but the mornings are pretty busy inside,” manager Kendra Nails said. “We can’t fit too many in here, but its comfortable.”

Whether customers grab the food inside or out, Lively’s treats patrons to much more than just barbecue.

Additional American treats are also featured on the menu, including a variety of biscuits and breakfast foods, hamburgers, wings, hot dogs and original recipes such as barbecue chips. Get to Lively’s before 10:30 a.m. to try breakfast, and lunch is served all day after.

“We serve all kinds of foods,” Nails said. “Breakfast, barbecue, hot dogs, you name it. Prices are pretty average here too.”

Another means of enjoying Lively’s is by requesting catering. The store offers close by deliveries and takes call ins for large orders. While not traditional catering, the restaurant makes an attempt at convenience for all customers.

“We offer catering, but its more focused on completing big call in orders and what not, but sometimes we’ll deliver orders to the high school,” Nails explained.

Lively’s BBQ and Breakfast is owned by Brad Lively who has owned the business for 8 years. The store has remained on Main Street since being formed, and the menu has remained consistent as well.

Design wise, the interior of the building is decorated with vintage signs, posters, and antiques from different eras in the 1990s and 2000s.

Those interested in seeing what the busiest barbecue joint around has to offer should visit Lively’s Barbecue and Breakfast or call the store at 770-748-1130.

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