Church news

Live Oak Baptist Church invites the community to come take part in their revival services, with several gospel performers coming to join in the time of worship ahead of the holiday season.

The Aragon church is inviting Evangelist Dr. T.D. Burgess to come and share teachings starting on Sunday morning, December 1 with the opening of the four-day revival.

A special singing guest is also scheduled for each day, starting with the Live Oak Choir during the opening Sunday morning, Servers on the Sunday night service at 6 p.m., followed on Monday, Dec. 2 by the Paul Family at 7 p.m., Chosen on Tuesday, Dec. 3 by Chosen at 7 p.m., and the Collard Valley Choir on Wednesday, Dec. 4 with the final night of the revival.

The church is headed up by Pastor Anthony Osborn.

Everyone in the community is invited to come participate at the church, located at 150 Live Oak Road, Aragon. Find the church by turning directly beside Burton’s Store on Highway 101 just outside of Aragon, and find Live Oak Baptist on the right.

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