To the members of the Polk County Commission, today (Nov. 14 edition) in the Standard Journal is a front page story that says you are giving out end of year bonuses to county employees using left over money that you did not spend.

I find it peculiar that our governing body who has publically stated that they are asking for a 1 percent budget cut across all departments of county government, who said that we had a 200 thousand budget deficit now is handing out goodies. I would have to ask myself what is the underlying reasoning behind this.

The commission with the exception of Mrs. Hulsey just increased the cost of doing business in Polk County by raising property taxes. As I see it, the money you have left over could be better spent on off setting the cost of government operations first. While I worked for the federal government, I spent 6 years without a cost of living raise. I know that my message will not be popular with the 250 county employees, but some of them may be out of a job once the county gets its 1 percent cut across the government.

If I were a county employee, I would prefer to have a job next year instead of a $500 band aid.

Thank you for your time.

James Vines

Polk County

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