My name is James Vines and I approved this message. I am writing this letter today in order to offer my thanks to the many people in Polk county that I have met over the past several months who took the time to hear me out and some of whom subsequently voted for me.

As many of my fellow Polk county residence know, we recently had a primary election. After years of being on the sidelines due to 27 years in both public and military service, I was finally able to put my name on a political ballot. Unfortunately the incumbent beat me. I did however convince 25 percent of the people who voted to vote for me.

I garnered just over 1500 votes out of approximately 6900 people who cast a ballot in one form or another. Again I thank you for your support. I also want it to be known that I have learned a lot from each and every person that I spoke to.

I know that Polk county has problems and we need to fix them. As residence of this county, we are the ones who will shape the future. So in closing let me say that I am still going to be fighting to make our county better.

I ask you to join me in supporting our elected officials, who ever they are and in letting our voices be heard so we can as a united citizenry make Polk county a better place. Thank you again and God Bless.


James Vines

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