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“What A Year”, As a member of the Rockmart Community, Graduate of Rockmart High School and The Athletic Director of Rockmart Athletics, I take great pride in what we have accomplished with our sports programs over the last few years, but 2018-19 has been special and will provide a lot of great memories for everyone involved.

First, I Want to say Thank-You to our faithful JACKET NATION!! When I say “What a Year”, let me start by giving you our loyal followers a breakdown of what our student/athletes and coaches have accomplished this Great School Year! Rockmart High School had 8 Region Championships (Football, Softball, Basketball-Girls, Track -Girls and Boys, Baseball, Tennis- Girls and Boys), We had 4 teams in the final four, we had 3 teams (Football, Tennis(Boys), and Baseball) compete at the highest level for a State Championship with RHS Boys Tennis Team taking home the trophy.

We also had individual athletes take home State Championships, Griffin Pace took home a State Championship in Wrestling and Zoryan Hendricks was a Two-Time State Champion in Track with wins in the 300 meter hurdles and the triple jump, he also lead Class AA in points earned at the state track meet. We had a young lady (Emma Evans) that competed in four sports and won four Region Championships. We also had seventeen athletes commit to participate at the next level in their chosen sport.

There are many great moments that occurred this year and if I start naming them all I would have a short book, most of you witnessed these moments with us. Rockmart was also a Back to Back winner of the Regional GADA Directors Cup and finished second in the State of Georgia for The GADA Directors Cup. If I sound like a proud member of Rockmart High School and Rockmart Athletics, there is no doubt. None of these accomplishments would be possible without great student/athletes, coaches and their supportive families, supportive teachers and administrators, superintendent and assistant superintendents, board members, and most of all you our Great Community or JACKET NATION as we have been labeled across the State of Georgia.

I have been amazed at the amount of support our fan base has provided our athletic teams not only at home events but on numerous occasions we outnumbered the home fans of the stadiums and venues we visited.

JACKET NATION you are our Extra Man and our advantage over our opponents. They know once they enter our community or we enter theirs they are in for a fight from our Rockmart Jackets and the most loyal fan base in Georgia in my opinion. We have had a Great Year at Rockmart High School and you THE FANS made it even more special with your GREAT SUPPORT! Thanks again JACKET NATION, we will see you soon for the 2019-20 season.

Thanks and Sincerely Yours,

Barry Williams, Athletic Director, Rockmart High School

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