Not so long ago, our county government (the School Board and County Commission) said that we are poor and must raise your taxes. We promise that this is necessary and that it will only pinch a little.

Now in 2019, the local members of our beloved government have decided, that oh we didn’t get enough money last time, so we must raise your taxes again.

Despite the fact that an estimated 19 percent of the county is in poverty as estimated by Data USA, with a population of roughly just over 41,000. The county also has an estimated home ownership of 64 percent with an average medium income of just over $40,000 a year.

I would like to ask a simple question of our local governments both county and city, what did you do with our money?

There is only so much blood in a Turnip. I urge the people of Polk County to come out to the commission Board meetings on August 8 with me to ask this simple question.

Perhaps our illustrious leaders can explain to us why they must take a second drink from our financial well. Thank you for your time.


James Vines

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