Over the past 11 years that I’ve lived on Girard Avenue after moving back to Cedartown, I’ve noticed a pattern of people parking on Essex Street, a narrow 16-foot wide roadway between Girard Avenue and West Fairmount Street. The situation is such that emergency vehicles, sanitation trucks and any larger equipment that has to come through the street has to pass by vehicles on Essex Street and avoid hitting them. I’ve spoken to several people about the situation including police and despite my best efforts I have yet been able to find a solution to get people to clear the way for passing traffic on the roadway behind my home. Drivers should be aware that it is illegal to park a vehicle in the opposite direction of travel on roadways generally including Essex Street.The best solution, and one that can avoid accidents like I’ve seen before on Girard Avenue, is to move vehicles completely off the street and into the driveways and garages.

Please, my fellow residents of Cedartown and local drivers across the county, heed this advice and move vehicles out of the way.

Eddie L. Atkins


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