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Dear Editor,

I was horrified but not shocked to read in this publication recently that a new, untested juvenile court judge, Laura Lundy Wheale, has found herself being sued for wrongful termination of an employee, only to turn around and make herself out to be a victim.

According to this newspaper’s own sources, “Mrs. Cobb was just 78 days from being vested in the county’s retirement program when she her employment was terminated with the court, and that she was never dismissed from a job in her previous experience in law enforcement.” Judge Lundy Wheale, meanwhile, has only been on the bench since March, but according to Cobb’s statements, her [Judge Lundy Wheale’s] mother was “essentially working for free as Laura’s unofficial secretary.”

I hope you all noticed that, in her own rebuttal, Judge Lundy Wheale admitted this, stating “candidly, I also wanted people I could trust to be near me. This practice was stopped shortly after it was started and both Mr. Denton and Mr. McFall reprimanded me, without full investigation.”

It is laughable that Judge Lundy Wheale expects “a full investigation” only for herself, but admittedly didn’t extend that same treatment to Mrs. Cobb; she didn’t even know that Mrs. Cobb was 2 and a half months from being vested, stating, “I can confidently say that had I known about the vestment date, I would have delayed action, given her years of service and as a professional courtesy.”

It is a mockery of our all good people and our country to dismiss a retired Marine with 12 years of USMC service and a long law enforcement career, and only give her ten minutes to clean out her desk, and then to have deputies essentially “perp-walk” her outside.

Judge Lundy Wheale has shown a quick-trigger temperament and back-door nepotism that is grossly unbecoming in our juvenile justice system. Judge Lundy Wheale shows that she will throw Marines, county mangers and commissioners, district attorneys and even other judges under the bus if it means protecting and perpetuating the familiar “good-old-boy” system she so clearly treasures above all else.

Judge Lundy Wheale, the juvenile court system is not an extension of your father’s law firm.

This Marine calls for the resignation and/or removal of Judge Laura Lundy Wheale from the bench.

Semper Fi.

- Alan Bedford of Rockmart

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