Last Minute is Cedartown’s newest store, and the family-operated business is looking to become a pillar of the local community by adopting an inviting atmosphere and selling much-needed food and grocery items.

While lacking an official grand opening, patrons are now free to visit 411 E. Gibson St. to pick up snacks, drinks, groceries, household items, and much more. Owner Sandra Smith even has plans to implement an in-store deli and clothing boutique in the future.

“It’s a corner mart,” staff Tomeka Neal said. “It has a little bit of everything. You can come and grab a meal from the deli, you can grab items off your grocery list — we have detergent, we have actual grocery items like canned food and things like that. Then we’re going to be establishing more things like that in the back. We’re going to be integrating a clothing boutique, as well.”

Additionally, the store looks to give back to the community as well.

“We want to work with different organizations like YWTSA,” Smith said. “We’ve already been partnered with them in helping with local food drives, and as I said, we want to try to work with the community and help the community.”

With family members helping to design the store and relatives working together, the store itself was an act of community involvement.

“My daughter Kendra Smith and Tomeka Neal — they are the face of the store. They are real workers. They did the painting. We came in as a family and did everything,” Smith said.

Other important figures in the store’s creation are Pastor Mellfore Glass, Lisa Griffin, and Smith herself who takes time to operate the store despite being a registered nurse of 23 years at Polk Medical Center. Numerous other individuals have contributed to the store, however, and Smith would like to extend a thank you to all of those involved.

“God put the idea in my mind,” Smith said of the store’s creation. “I just saw that we could be a help to the community.”

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