Polk County Board of Elections getting a face lift

The Polk County Board of Elections office is getting a face lift within the county administration building ahead of the beginning of the 2020 election cycle.

The Polk County Board of Elections office is getting a much needed round of work done to provide additional security for personnel ahead of the 2020 voting seasons.

With a presidential primary, state and local primaries, and then later election day ahead with the likelihood of some run-off votes in between, the county is expecting 2020 to be a busy one for Elections Director Lee Ann George and her staff, and decided some additional protections might provide officials and voters some increased sense of security.

New teller-style windows are being installed in the office area to allow for a protective barrier around the elections office, following along counters and windows being installed in courthouse offices and other spaces in the county in past years.

It was an upgrade that goes alongside the need for additional protective security over the physical voting machines being put into use for the first time in the 2020 election cycle. An example machine was brought for county officials to look over and learn how to use back in late 2019.

As the office undergoes changes, the first round of voter registration ahead of the Presidential Primary in March is soon to close out. Those who haven’t already registered and want to participate have until February 24 to get in paperwork to the Board of Elections office or go online to sos.ga.gov to be able to take part in the March 24 balloting.

For those who want to get to the polls early, advanced in-person voting for the Presidential Primary will begin on March 2 and continue through March 20.

March 2 is also the first day a candidate can declare for state or local offices for the May 19 ballot for offices like the 14th District Congressional race, which will feature a full slate of candidates for office with nine Republicans so far declaring in the race.

Find out more about how to register or become a candidate for local or state office by calling the Board of Elections office at 770-749-2103.

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